A Fresh start for London with Shaun Bailey.

Autistic Conservative campaigner Charlie Keeble today writes in the Havering Daily:

The London Mayor and GLA elections are going to be an interesting battle for a post-Brexit London and even more so as the city copes with the Coronavirus. There can be a fresh start for Londoners that can undo all the bad things that have affected the city for the last five years. I can see a lot of potential for London that can boost it’s citizens in many positive ways. Shaun Bailey has stepped up to address the biggest challenges that London desperately needs to be dealtwith, as the crimewave epidemic that people have suffered since Sadiq Khan took office continues to escalate.

I have campaigned with Shaun and he really does value people and communities that need support for their aspirations. Khan’s approach to supporting Londoners is like that of a tribal leader supporting identity politics. This is very divisive and is reflected in the spat of stabbings, robberies,burglaries that have affected London. Including the Black Lives Matter protests that saw widespread social unrest and pushed divisions between communities further apart than ever. 

Since taking office Khan has been running this city like a prized egomaniac promoting his image as a champion of diversity. But the truth is he has been selectively diverse in his agenda and has been channelling funds from city hall intoexpensive PR staff and vanity projects at the cost of £83 million. Khan has also spent his mayoral duties trying to frustrate the economic potential of London as a global hub of enterprise to undermine Brexit, which he has upset the central government and created a act of two tribes fighting each other to better the city.  

A few months after he took office Havering had it’s police forces merged with Barking and Dagenham, which stretched the forces and undermined their ability to keep residents safe. Shaun Bailey has pledge to reopen 38 closed police stations, increase stop and search and allow for use of non-invasive scanners, 8,500 more police officers on the streets, and a new youth centre in every borough staffed by 4,000 youth workers.

Before he worked in politics Shaun was a youth worker for over 20 years and through that he understands the need to provide services for young Londoners. There is a lot of youngsters in the capital suffering due and that is leading them into a life of crime. Shaun could have gone the same way and waste his life as a troublemaker. But thanks to his upbringing with a proud family he aspired to good values and deeds to become a model citizen. All qualities that I admire in a candidate that can improve London’s needs for a family directed vision.

This campaign for the mayor and the GLA should not be entirely of bitterness and resentment to Sadiq Khan. It should be a positive message of hope and aspiration for London. I have my own ideas on this matter and throughout the pandemic I found many opportunities for the disability communities across London. My autism advocacy work with the Conservatives has pushed for a modern creative, aspirational vision of the disabled where they are not patronised and shunted into complete welfare dependency.  

During the pandemic the number of home-based jobs greatly increased, and this made the job market viable and productive for disabled people. I think that London can be made autism friendly by making their workspaces change to accept people with certain disabilities that can benefit London’s economic growth. In the coming years there is going to be so much development in the country that there is going to be more growth in home-based vocations. The pandemic has shown that you don’t need to constantly commute to places to work, you can work from home and bring more productivity and income to your local borough. 

It may be interesting to note that at the time of the 2016 GLA elections there was the EU referendum and it became a deciding factor related to London’s connection to the EU.Romford was the most Eurosceptic area of Britain and Havering voted the most overwhelmingly for Brexit. This area has a burning desire for the right of championing creativefreedom from the constraints of bureaucracy and the liberty to make connections with the Commonwealth for greater wealth, prosperity and to help their community shine like a bright light in the world. Now that we have effectively left the EU we can bring business from the wider world into Havering. 

At the time of the referendum Sadiq Khan was openly in support of Remain and 60% of Londoners voted remain. Of which most of them were from middle class areas that likely consisted of people that lent their votes to Khan as Mayor of London. Just so that they could keep London connected to Europe and protect their own selfish interests by undermining the boroughs that supported Leave.

Now that Brexit has been achieved and London is now open to the wider world its time to start embracing the opportunities that come from trade with the Commonwealth and the wider world. The central government has spent the last 12 months during the pandemic securing trade deals for Britain with other countries. It currently stands as a total of 92 countries with a combined value of over £1 trillion, with more currently being negotiated with India, America and a pan-Pacific region that will add over £10 trillion to country.  

Shaun Bailey is very much in favour of Brexit. He also actively supports making London open for business with the wider world. Improving the social order and restoring the mutual harmony that has divided London over the last four years. What is needed now is for the wealth and rewards of Brexit to reach Havering so that it benefits everyone living in London.

With these business deals London will become an international trading port that will see a massive boost to the country when we emerge from the pandemic completely. There are many ways that you can embrace diversity and there are many groups of people that will celebrate the newfound wealth and prosperity for London. I hope to see some of this reach Havering for all the good that Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster will have a slice of this that is fair and equally shared.

And talking of diversity and equality there is something else that should be mentioned. The GLA elections were postponed because of the pandemic and in the intervening time there was civil unrest as riots broke out across the country. I saw it for myself and I was absolutely shocked at the situation. Not only was it a protest of black communities protesting racism, but the Black Lives Matter organisation was using the protestors as instruments of destruction. 

I understand their anger as I have my own frustrations with society as an autistic activist and it is difficult for me to get ahead in life as well. But I don’t agree with organisations like BLM that use hate, division and spitefulness to push their agenda. I am a big critic of the way that equality and anti-prejudice campaigns work, and I think the problem lies with people, not the police or the government. 

In my life as an autism and disability campaigner I have found that the reason why I struggle to get ahead in life is because the groups of different people don’t get along with each other. It’s not just ableism or hatred, it’s because some groups refuse to integrate and accept each other for who they are. I’ve been rejected by some people because of my autism, where they regard disablement as ‘biological garbage that shouldn’t be seen in society’, and also because of my Polish ancestry, where people have appropriated antisemitism to frame me as a closet Jew, a ghetto descendent or someone living a rich lifestyle disguised as a working class kid.

Speaking of antisemitism, the Jewish communities in Stamford Hill and Brent have experienced increasing antisemitic attacks. Under Jeremy Corbyn there was aninfestation of Jewish racism within the Labour party that drove out many Jewish activists and MPs. During the pandemic there was further attacks online against Jews linking them to being responsible for the spread of Covid-19. This prejudice has also got connections to Khan’s background as a criminal lawyer, where he defended some notorious Jew hating terrorists. 

Labour have been a champion of anti-racism in the past but now they have no concept of equality. In their diversity agenda they just pick sides with whatever ethnic group they favour. That’s not how to defeat prejudice and social unrest in this city. You can’t fight racism with racism, you fight it by finding a common bond of unity and love between people to drive out the hate.

I have spoken out against prejudice towards all classes of citizens and stood in solidarity with my Jewish friends in a common alliance of embracing all classes of citizens that need to value this city’s culture so that we can all live in mutual harmony with each other. In my campaigning I have reached out to the disabled community to say to them that we need to show how valuable and useful we are. I haven’t used that negative rhetoric that most social justice advocates use because to me it smacks of social eugenics.

Shaun Bailey believes that all Londoners should be respected and valued. Khan clearly doesn’t understand equality, just selective prejudice like a pick and mix diversity plan. What Londoners need is a fresh start from all this chaos and destruction. Shaun intends to work in collaboration with the central government in a constructive way, completely taking responsibility for London’s troubles. 

Shaun Bailey will be a great man of character and distinction to make London safe again. With that safety London will be open for business with the wider world as Britain makes billions of pounds in trade deals over the coming years. London is on the verge of becoming a world commercial hub as the heart of the Commonwealth. We need someone like Shaun as a mayor that supports the safety, economic growth and security of London.

One thought on “A Fresh start for London with Shaun Bailey.

  • 24th March 2021 at 2:58 pm

    So there we have it, the great Shaun Bailey as seen through the eyes of Charlie Keeble. 1697 words that didn’t say anything about what Mr Bailey was actually going to do to improve London. Just more of, how much better he is than the current Mayor. We certainly know now that there is an election in the not too distant future. To be honest, no matter what political party the Mayor represents, what the people of London really want to know, are the real facts as to what the Mayor will really do to improve London. Not hollow words of how good I am and how much better I will be than the current Mayor. If Mr Bailey is as good as Mr Keeble says he is, then perhaps Mr Keeble will get an answer from Mr Bailey as to what he will genuinely do to resolve the Gallows Corner nightmare? It won’t be a lot, and any promises to resolve it will be about as honest as Mr Johnson promise to have it all fixed back in 2016, quote, “improvements should be completed by the spring of 2016”, unquote. Mr Bailey’s best response will be, ‘there’s no money, blaming Mr Khan for that, but we will look in to arranging a consultation to get a proper review as the best way to deal with this issue’. More wasted money, a bit like the 43 million that was wasted by Mr Johnson on his Garden Bridge vanity project, and not forgetting another 23 million on the loss making ‘Emirates Airline’ gondola across the Thames. Considering an over estimate to complete the Gallows Corner works would be around 30 million, Mr Bailey can use that money as his vanity project. So, again Mr Keeble, get Mr Bailey to give us, the voting public, promises as to what he is really going to do to help us all in London. Just a very simple list would suffice, not one full of total waffle, which says absolutely nothing. I won’t hold my breath on that!


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