Intensive Care nurse looks to install a memorial in honour of all those who lost their life to Covid.


An intensive care nurse from Harold Hill is looking for the community to come together and have benches installed at a Havering park in honour of all those who lost their life to Covid.

The nurse, who works at Queen’s hospital would like a memorial to the many who sadly died as a result of this awful pandemic. Havering was hit hard with the second outbreak of Covid this winter and our NHS staff at Queen’s and King George’s did an unprecedented job saving lives and rescuing our community.

Now Jennifer Blatchford would like to see a memorial dedicated to those who passed away. She told the Havering Daily: “I think it would be really nice for the community to have somewhere as a place they can remember all their loved ones who sadly died. I know there is a group of widowed ladies who all meet at Raphael’s park and members of the Friends of Dagnam Park have suggested getting benches installed as a tribute. Something like this would be really lovely for our community.”

The council in their latest budget announced that trees would be planted in our parks in honour of those who lost their life.

“It has been an awful year for everyone.We have seen so many people die of this terrible disease, everyone knows someone who has been effected by it.It has been terrible, we faced things we had never faced before.”

Now Jennifer is keen to have a memorial installed in honour of everyone who lost their life and so that the community can always remember them.

Thank you to Jennifer and all our NHS staff for the incredible job they have done saving our community.

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