VIDEO:Oak trees bulldozed and destroyed on protected greenbelt land.


Many oak trees were brutally demolished last weekend in an act of destruction that has left nearby residents angry and upset. The patch of green along Copthorne Gardens in Hornchurch is a protected greenbelt site with many trees that had tree protection orders on them to preserve them and stop them from being destroyed.

Yet, Saturday morning, residents who look onto the area were awoken to noises of bulldozers that had arrived and were in the process of smashing down every tree they could. Neighbours ran out and tried to halt the process by telling the workmen that these trees were preserved but failed as they carried on destroying trees not giving a care in the world about the destruction they were causing.

One resident told the Havering Daily: “We went out there and tried to tell them that these trees had preservation orders on them but they didn’t care. So we phoned the council and local councillors who came to help. This is greenbelt land and the owner knows it.

“We know he wants to build flats here so is regularly trying to find ways to remove the greenbelt status from this land. Now he has managed to destroy all the trees. It’s like an act of revenge by saying to us if I can’t have the greenbelt status removed then I’m going to destroy all your trees anyway.

“This is awful.”

The Havering Daily is currently awaiting a statement from the Council.

Residents and local Councillors angered by the destruction of trees.
The bulldozers in action Saturday morning destroying the trees.
The aftermath of the destruction.
Angry residents and Councillors.

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