Can you help the Mardyke Community Centre?

South Hornchurch’s beloved Mardyke Community Centre Needs Our Help!

For many years Mardyke community centre has served our local community in so many ways. MYCC provides a space for services to be run from and serve many of our families be it our local drama groups, IT Training group’s, after school’s clubs, hall space for private parties and before lockdown Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

The above is only just some of what Mardyke Community Centre and its staff offer, I can think of two occasions where MYCC and its staff went above and beyond and came to the aid of local residents in a time of crisis.

May 2016 Orchard Village Resident found to be making Bombs,

MYCC and their staff opened the centre up to assist emergency services and personnel by providing drinks and toilet facilities, they also provided information to concerned residents of Orchard Village.

In 2015 MYCC offered space to evacuate children from local Newtons School as a huge gas leak was detected around the school site.

Many occasions MYCC has come to the aid of their community with no expectations in return.

You may have read on Social Media that MYCC has been awarded a grant from Clarion Housing, whilst this is good news and amazing that Clarion has done this it comes with certain criteria’s, firstly the payment will be split and secondly it is only to be used in certain areas.

MYCC are extremely grateful for the help Clarion Housing are providing.

MYCC costs on average £5000pm to run, normally the Centre is self-funded and operates by renting out space to covers its bills.
COVID has put pay to a lot of fundraising opportunities and MYCC is unable to run their weekly groups which generate money to keep it open.

MYCC needs a water heater, new shutters for the canteen, a new updated IT suite, as well as help with covering costs for general maintenance.

If you can afford to make a donation being cash or items the MYCC can sell and generate money from would be very welcome.
We have set up this Go Fund me Page where all payments will go directly to MYCC.

Thank You in advance
Daniel Beal and Ross Elliott.

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