VIDEO:’One burglary, one robbery is one too much’-Det Inspector Hampton cutting burglary across east London.

Detective Inspector Luke Hampton based at East Area Basic Command Unit in Harold Hill, is the man who is responsible for cutting burglary by 31 % across east London and robbery by 40%. These amazing figures are thanks to Det Inspector Hampton and his team of dedicated officers who will openly tell you that ‘one burglary is a burglary too much.’

This team of officers pride themselves in being the best in the Met for solving burglary and robbery right across London. Their dedication and commitment to the public in being the best that they can is what drives them forward and makes them the successful unit they are.

Det Inspector Hampton told the Havering Daily: “We have made excellent progress this year reducing the level of burglary and robbery. My officers are very passionate in tackling these offences. They are very dedicated to their work and achieving the best results for our victims. We have some of the best sanction detection rates right across the Met.

“The burglary figures show we have now 1,700 fewer offences in the past 12 months. With over 1,000 fewer robberies on our streets. It is important that we are bringing these offenders to justice. One burglary, one robbery is too many. We are always touched by our victims and that is what motivates us even more to make sure we bring these offenders to justice,” said Inspector Hampton.

The burglary and robbery unit for East Area is one of the best in the Met and its officers led by Det Inspector Hampton are top class officers who will stop at nothing to bring offenders to justice.

Well done to Inspector Hampton, you are community heroes who play a vital role in our community keeping us safe.

Detective Inspector Luke Hampton.

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