HRA make representation to the Local Government Boundary Commission.


The H.R.A Group Leaders had to make representation to the Local Government Boundary Commission of England.

Residents were clearly concerned and the LGBCE received over 500 responses to the consultation. Over one third raised concerns over the claims of Gerrymandering and the manipulation of the process. 

As a consequence of the submissions received, the LGBCE has now announced a further consultation that has started on the 12th January ending on 8th March. The following has been posted on their website:

Councillor Gillian Ford Chair of Havering’s Residents Associations (H.R.A) said “We would like to thank residents for their submissions to the LGBCE, it is clear that the Boundary Commission has had concerns over the process and we are pleased to see that they are going back out to consultation on the new proposals they will be launching on 12th January. This will ensure that residents can fully engage in the process and have their voices truly heard. That is how a democratic process should work! “.

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  • 15th January 2021 at 5:04 pm

    Absolutely brilliant news. At last the people of Havering can really see what type of person the Leader of Havering Council is. The news is made even more stunning when the Boundaries Commission is able to accept the submissions made by so many Havering residents, who in their hundreds, pointed out the Gerrymandering scandal perpetrated by those misfits supposedly in charge of the Council. This was a record number of comments ever received by the Local Government Boundary Commission of England. I hope Mr White and his cronies, including the three turncoats, are beginning to realise the damage they have done in the name of Democracy, and all for the want of the ‘Queens Shilling’. Not to mention, being frightened of their Leader and the loss of that ‘Queens Shilling’ if they didn’t tow the Leader’s ‘line’. I also hope they are beginning to feel and understand the scorn and disgust that the Havering residents have for them. They must be so proud of themselves, but, as they say, ‘Pride comes before a fall’. Be proud of your actions Mr White and the rest of you involved. Keep telling us that you did nothing wrong, even when there was a case to answer, and, you weren’t found innocent by your Kangaroo Court either. We will have our day and you will all be no-bodies in the not too distant future. Roll on the next local elections. Please look at the LGBCE website. Check out the new proposals and leave your comments again. I believe they are far fairer than those Mr White believed would make him a ‘Leader’ for life. Failed MP, failed Councillor!

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