Back Our Bobbies: Police surprise 10 year old Joshua with a special visit.


East Roads traffic police paid a very special visit to Harold Wood today to visit 10 year old Joshua Puncheon. Joshua is known in Havering as the borough’s best chef, he loves cooking and he loves the police. Today Joshua had the opportunity to cook for the police and they surprised him with a special visit.

East Roads Officers with Monica and Joshua Puncheon.

Officers came all the way from their Chadwell Heath base to see Joshua, presenting him with a certificate, epaulettes and some Christmas chocolates. Joshua and his mum Monica were delighted to see the police and had the opportunity to hand over their homemade cakes.

Inspector Donohoe handing over some special gifts to Joshua.

During the previous two lock downs Joshua was cooking daily recipes to feed his local community in Harold Wood. He soon established himself as the borough’s finest young chef. Having tasted his food, I can happily say he really is an amazing chef.

Joshua proudly displaying his police gifts.

Well done to Inspector Neal Donohoe and his team of incredible officers. They made Joshua and his family very happy. They are true community heroes and went out of their way today to make this family smile. Our officers really are the finest in the world that do an amazing job everyday keeping us safe and looking after our communities.

Inspector Neal showing Joshua how the police sirens work.

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