Gidea Park woman shocked after 10 year old threatens to gouge her eyes out with a knife.

A Gidea Park mum of two was walking home alone on Tuesday evening just after 5pm when she was threatened by two boys believed to be ten years old, telling her they were going to ‘gouge her eyes out with a knife’.

The shocking incident happened along Brentwood Road, as Tracy from Gidea Park made her way home.

Tracy told the Havering Daily: “I was walking home alone and I saw two boys aged no more than ten years old cross the road and cover over to me. They began to try and intimidate me as I was a female on my own. Then one of them said ‘I’m going to gouge your eyes out with a knife’.

“I have seen these two boys before along Squirrells Heath Road going in and out of driveways, I’m pretty sure it’s them. They purposely targeted me as I was on my own and they tried to scare me. Luckily I wasn’t scared and I gave them a few choice words back, but I can’t believe children this age are saying things like this. They both went away laughing and thought the incident was funny. Do their parents know they are doing things like this?”

The Gidea Park mum went out with her husband later to see if she could find the two children but was unable to see them again.

Tracy finished: “If they are doing this kind of stuff at such a young age, what are they going to be like as adults? It’s scary to think.”

The two boys are described as both with black hair and dark colour eyes, Mediterranean skin. One wore a bright blue puffer jacket with dark tracksuit bottoms and the other a black track suit with a black jacket and a beanie type hat.

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