Collier Row children help raise over £50 for Trussell Trust.

Christmas is a difficult time for many and there are people who will struggle to have a Christmas meal this year. Kathryn a mum of two from Collier Row, was talking to her children eight year old Logan and six year old Willow on how not everyone in our community will have the chance to eat a Christmas meal.

“I was explaining to them how this is the season of goodwill and how lucky we are to be having a Christmas dinner. For my son Logan, his Christmas dinner is one of the best aspects for him. We do a lot of baking as a family and my son was really saddened at the thought that not everyone can have a Christmas dinner,” the Collier Row mum told the Havering Daily.

“He said to me that he didn’t want anyone to go without and that he really wanted to help others in the community. We thought about selling cakes to raise money for the food bank but due to Covid restrictions we thought that perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea.

“We came up with the idea of making hot chocolate stirrers and selling them to raise money for the Trussell Trust. So we made over thirty stirrers and sold them all over the weekend!” added Kathryn.

The two children have now raised over £50 to help feed those in need this Christmas. Well done Logan and Willow, you are Havering Community heroes!

“I am very proud of them, they decided to help others in need and stuck with it and made the stirrers. The community have been fantastic in supporting them. I wanted my children to see that there is another side to Christmas that people don’t always remember.

“Thank you to our community who have gone out of their way to help and support my children. Thank you for helping my children make a difference.”

Six year old Willow.
Eight year old Logan.

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