Locals angered by ongoing youth fights on Ardleigh Green Road.

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Locals living in the surrounding area near Ardleigh Green Road in Hornchurch are angry about the on going anti social behaviour by youths during the day.

Following a recent article by the Havering Daily local residents living in the area contacted us in regards to the on going issues they face from anti social behaviour from youths.

One lady who did not wish to be named said: “Last week my 13 year old daughter was walking home from school when all these boys ran passed her and began throwing knives from under their jackets into local skips or bins in people’s gardens.

“She was really scared as they all came charging by her running from something, carrying knives and poles. This is happening all the time now.

“We see them in the alley way off Cecil Avenue smoking drugs and we see cars pull up and windows go down and drugs being sold. All the locals see it. Some people will not go out during the peak times when the youths are there.”

The lady who is angry at the anti social behaviour these youths are carrying out daily added: “People who live near Ardleigh Green Road have seen these youths stash knives in their front gardens, it’s terrible.

“We know the peak times to avoid, lunchtime and just after three when they all go to the bus stop and catch the bus to Gidea Park station. I know many elderly people who will not go out during these peak times now. Residents here are fed up.”

One thought on “Locals angered by ongoing youth fights on Ardleigh Green Road.

  • 16th November 2020 at 9:18 pm

    Romford police are useless. My schoolchild was offered drugs in Collier Row, I phoned the Police, but they did not even bother to respond.


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