Exclusive: 44 year old Rainham mum dies of heart attack too scared to go to the doctors because of COVID.

Joanne Mills who lived on the Orchard Village estate in Rainham died of a heart attack on Wednesday in the ambulance whilst her husband and two children watched in despair.

The 44 year old mum had suffered chest pains a few days before and had told her husband that she was too scared to go to the doctors or the hospital in fear of catching COVID.

Then on Tuesday evening she suddenly felt very unwell and her husband Danial called 111 where a paramedic was sent to her.

Daniel told the Havering Daily: “I was out helping a neighbour when my daughter found me saying that my wife felt very unwell. I rushed to her and immediately called 111 and a paramedic was sent out.

“When he arrived he did an ECG and said that Joanne had issues with her heart and had to be taken to hospital straight away. When the ambulance came we had issues trying to get the chair up the stairs due to the shape of the stairs here, so my wife got up and said not a problem I will walk and she walked down herself.”

Sadly, things took a sudden turn for the worse and as Joanne got to the bottom of the stairs she collapsed as her heart gave up.

Daniel continued: “She literally crashed and went down, the paramedics rushed to her and she was bought into the ambulance. They worked on her for 2 hours trying to save her non stop. They revived her fifteen times and said every time they bought her back she would make a joke to lighten the situation. They tried one last drug to get her back but she didn’t make it. Myself and my children just stood out there and watched heartbroken.”

Daniel and his family are devastated. Nothing will ever bring his wife Joanne back.

“My wife suffered with anxiety and this pandemic and everything involved around it sent her anxiety over the top. In March when it all began she barely went out, she feared if I went out or our children. She didn’t see her family. Everything freaked her out. People don’t realise how things like this effect people with anxiety.

Daniel and his children

“At the start of the week Joanne had abdomen pains and myself and my parents had said to her to please go to the doctor. But her response was why? They will only give me a phone consultation that doesn’t really do anything and there is no way I’m going to the hospital as I’m more likely to catch Covid and bring it back to all of you.”

Now, two days later and the 44 year old mum of two is dead after suffering a heart attack outside her own home, leaving behind a devastated family.

Daniel added: “I’ve lot my job as well, it finished at the end of October. There really is nothing positive to look forward to. I’m watching people here in the area fall apart because of Covid, people that are normally strong. This is destroying families everywhere.”

This tragic event has upset the whole community in Rainham.

Daniel finished: “The support from the community here has been amazing. I thank everyone for their help.”

Daniel has started a go fund me page. Please see the link below to help Daniel and his two children.

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