Life inside Europe’s biggest Tik Tok house with former Media student Charlie Davis

Former student Charlie Davis has become a world-wide TikTok influencer and is now living his best life making social media videos for a living in sunny Spain!

Charlie, who only left college this summer, has 1.3 million followers with over 35 million views on Tik Tok, and has just set up Europe’s biggest ‘content creators house’ near Alicante.

He and his friend Nicholas Murray chose eight other up-and-coming social media stars who now all live together making videos for big brands such as Puma, Skechers, Pretty Little Thing, Oreo and Boohoo in a villa named The Jet House.

Charlie, who is also a professional magician, said: “My life has completely changed. It is like a dream! A few months agoI was at college, going to class, living in Harold Hill – now I am in the hills in the Spanish countryside in a huge villa with a group of friends!

“The Jet House has only been going a few months, but already we are working with some major brands and we’ve been involved in promotions for big companies. Financially it is going better than I imagined and we are partnering with some of the top marketing agencies in Europe.”

Charlie is also in talks with Amazon Prime about a TV programme to showcase his magic skills, and Britain’s Got Talent has been in touch offering him an audition for next year’s series.

Charlie started the Level 3 Media Production course at our Ardleigh Green campus in 2018 after sitting his GCSEs at Draper’s Academy. He spent two years studying media, including film, videoing, and social media, and says the course taught him many of the skills he now uses.

He said: “I loved college and was looking to go to university afterwards to continue studying media, but then my Tik Tok went crazy and so myself and Nick started looking at the idea of setting up a ‘creators’ house with other people who were popular on Tik Tok.”

Charlie’s love of magic is evident in many of his posts. Since he was 16 he has performed at clubs and bars around London, but it was when he started posting tricks on Tik Tok that his following became huge in a very short space of time.

He started to think about how he could make his passion for social media his actual job and his dream came true when he moved to Spain in August and set up The Jet House. Along with Nick, they watched hundreds of audition videos sent by hopefuls, eventually picking out the best eight – who already had a significant number of followers.

Charlie said: “It sounds like a holiday but it’s not – we work all day. We have a meeting every morning to discuss what content we are going to film that day and then in the evening we do all the admin with the brands, emailing and paperwork etc.

“It’s been a massive change in my life, and I’m loving it. My family have been really supportive and have encouraged me every step of the way.”

The first TikTok house in the UK was Byte House in London, which was set up in April. Now the content creators’ houses have started to spring up everywhere, but mostly in Europe and the USA.

To see Charlie’s posts, go to @charliedavismagic on Tik Tok and Instagram and @thejethouse

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