How to get help with your Warm Discount 2020/21.

Lorraine Moss from Hornchurch is a Welfare Benefits Adviser who works locally. Today she writes in the Havering Daily about how you can get help with a Government scheme called ‘The Warm Home Discount.’

Well it appears that Summer is truly over and I am sure that many people have started putting on their central heating.  For people on a low income, heating their home during the winter period can be extremely difficult and a constant source of worry.

The Government run a scheme called The Warm Home Discount.  It is for people on a low income who have young children or heath conditions.  People over State Pension age and in receipt of Guarantee Pension Credit are automatically eligible.  Those who just receive Savings Credit are also eligible but do have to apply each year.   The criteria varies with each Utility company.  Successful claimants receive a credit of £140.00 to their Electricity Bill or vouchers if you are on a pay as you go meter.

I am very surprised at the amount of people who have never heard of this scheme and miss out on this discount.  I myself before working as a Welfare Benefits Adviser missed out on this scheme when my children were younger.

For more information on The Warm Home Discount Scheme please see

Most of the Energy Companies have now opened their schemes for applications, you can apply online or over the telephone.  Some company’s also send paper application forms as well.  If you think you may be eligible, contact your Energy supplier or check on their website for details. Some companies only keep the scheme open for applications for a limited period so it is important to get your application is as soon as possible. 

Once you have applied, if successful, the £140.00 is usually credited to your electricity account (or vouchers sent) any time up to March 2021.

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  • 29th September 2020 at 12:01 pm

    I’ve applied for the last 2 years and am eligible for it but because they only have a certain amount of spaces available, I have been declined both years and it’s so upsetting.


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