Exclusive: ‘I watched people take their last breath, if people had seen what I have seen then they would wear a mask.’

Grace Dudley and her family have suffered tragic consequences as a result of Covid 19. Grace and her family all caught the deadly virus that saw Grace hospitalised and sadly her father die as result of Coronavirus.

Now, as the second wave hits the country Grace is urging people to do the right thing and wear your mask.

She told the Havering Daily: “I watched people take their last breathes in hospital at the height of the pandemic. They were alone and with no one to hold their hand. If you had seen what I had seen, then you would wear a mask. How is it an inconvenience for anyone to wear one? We had to wear a mask when we really couldn’t breathe, even whilst wearing nebulisers and connected to ventilators.”

Grace was in Queen’s hospital as a result of Covid 19 and was taken into intensive care and about to be placed on a ventilator when she showed signs of improvement. For Grace things looked better, but sadly three days after leaving the hospital, Grace’s dad Graham sadly passed away from Covid. This left the family devastated.

Grace in hospital.

She continued: “This virus has caused extreme emotional and mental health issues for myself and my family. I have watched my mum struggle and some days neither of us can cope anymore. I don’t understand these people saying that this is a fake virus, it makes me so angry. It is so insensitive to the many people out there who have had this virus and lost family members to it.

“These people have no empathy or sympathy to others. People say the mask silences you, but it is really a small price to pay. I am a strong believer in science and not conspiracy theories, please wear your mask.

Grace not only suffers mental health issues as a result of Covid but is still suffering long term effects from the virus.

“My hair started to fall out. I visited a clinic to ask them why my hair was falling out in clumps and they told me it was because my body’s energy had all gone to keep me alive and my hair didn’t have any energy left.

Clumps of Grace’s hair falling out.

“I still can’t climb up stairs without getting out of breathe. This is months after I have recovered from this virus. The impact it has had on myself and my family and the many others out there who have suffered the same is unbelievable.”

Grace shaved her head for the Little Princess Trust charity.

She finished: “Wear your mask, it is not too much to ask, I have asthma and I wear my mask to protect others. This virus is out there, do the right thing and don’t be insensitive to others.”

Grace’s dad Graham who sadly passed away from Covid 19.

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