VIDEO:Remembering Ricky four years on.

Family and friends gathered together yesterday at Gibbfield Close, Romford to celebrate the life of Ricky Hayden.

27 year old Ricky lost his life after being brutally attacked by machete wielding thugs four years ago. Ricky had gone out of his house in the early hours of the morning to confront thugs trying to steal his brother’s moped.

Sadly the well loved Romford lad never recovered from his injuries and died on September 13 2016. Since then his family have fought endlessly in the battle against knife crime. His mum Sue Hedges and sister April Hayden campaign continuously urging the communities nation wide to put down their knives and save lives.

April Hayden and Sue Hedges.
Ricky’s bench at Gibbfield Close.

Both Sue and April led the celebration of his life yesterday at the bench dedicated to Ricky. Candles, flowers and lanterns were placed at the site as tribute to Ricky a shining star in the sky whose light will never go out.

Friends and family gathered around the bench and released hundreds of orange balloons in Ricky’s memory.

Family and friends with orange balloons a tribute to Ricky.
Ricky’s friends with orange balloons in his honour.

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