VIDEO:Deer tangled in netting rescued by local heroes.


Mick Hockley and Shantel Louise are Havering’s deer rescuers. The pair were on hand yesterday to rescue another deer who had caught his antlers in some netting and had got himself stuck.

The Deer Aid page on Facebook is run by Shantel Louise, Jan Sargent, Harry Forester and Mick Hockley. The team were contacted yesterday by a member of the public who had been walking her dog in the park in Harold Hill and had spotted the poor deer who had got himself trapped.

Mick told the Havering Daily: “We found the deer near Maylands Golf Club and at the back of Drapers School. It look like he had got muslin or netting stuck to his antlers and had got himself stuck.

“Shantel cut all of the muslin from his antlers and then we helped him on his way.

“This time of year it is rutting season so we are asking people to please not hand feed the deer. Please do not go too close to them and avoid taking pictures standing next to them.”

Video credit to Mick Hockley.

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