Hornchurch woman finds her stolen gazebo and confronts man who took it.

Two weeks ago Marie who lives in Hornchurch had her gazebo stolen from her side path literally minutes after placing it there.

Now, after help from her friend she has tracked down her stolen gazebo and confronted the man seen brazenly taking the gazebo from her side path and into his Ford Galaxy.

Marie had bought the gazebo for her birthday so she could sit outside with her family and celebrate. Instead, after pulling up on her drive and placing it along her side path, she returned to find it had been stolen.

Marie told the Havering Daily: “I had just gone inside to open my back door and bring the gazebo in from the side. When I got to my side path I saw that it had gone. A neighbour then told me that he had seen a man walk up my side path and just brazenly take it.”

A builder working on the opposite side of the road had also filmed the man taking the gazebo and putting it in his car.

Marie continued: “This man used to come down our road in a van with foreign plates and he was banned from coming down our road. Chairs were stolen from our road, a double push chair, my gazebo and a bike were all taken.

“Safer Neighbourhood Teams then banned them from coming along our road in their vans so they now come down here in cars.”

On Sunday evening Marie’s friend saw the man from the CCTV footage outside of a property in Ardleigh Green.

“My friend phoned me to let me know she had seen the same man and recognised his blue Ford at a property in Ardleigh Green Road believed to be where he lives. I called the police and went round there myself to get my gazebo back.

“I confronted the man and when the police arrived he jumped over the fence and ran away. This man lives in our community and steals from us. I have to walk passed his house when I walk my dog. Why is he being allowed to live in our community when he openly steals from us and doesn’t care!”

Police were able to retrieve Marie’s gazebo from the man’s garage and other items that had gone missing from Marie’s road. Police were then asked to leave the Ardleigh Green property as they were upsetting the remaining family members.

“We’ve had enough of being robbed. We work hard to buy our stuff and this man and his relatives drive by in their cars and vans and just brazenly take it and when you question them they reply they have permission to take it when they clearly don’t.

“The police said they could not take any further action. I’m really angry that they can get away with stealing like this from us. We have a strong community here and we need to unite and help each other. Enough is enough.”

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