Breaking: “I have a duty as an electoral member to highlight any corruption I see”- Councillor Perry speaks out.


Independent Councillor Robert Perry has called out the council following a secret recording he made during a boundary change meeting at the town hall.

The Emerson Park ward councillor said he was ‘not proud’ of doing the secret recording but felt that it was his duty to the electorate to highlight what was happening in the council.

Councillor Perry told the Havering Daily: “I had to do the recording otherwise Damian White would have lied his way out of it. I have a duty to the public to inform them if corruption is going on. I need to expose this. I believe this is a breach of trust to our local residents.

“I have a duty as an electoral member to highlight any corruption I see that is why I am exposing this,” continued Councillor Perry.

The secret recording features the leader of the council, Councillor Damian White talk about boundary changes and how they can be used to the party’s advantage.

It is believed that the secret recording mentions Councillor White talk about making changes to suit the party and gain seats in their favour.

Leader of the opposition Councillor Ray Morgon told the Havering Daily: “At this stage following the information from the recording provided by Councillor Bob Perry we have a number of questions to ask. There are certainly questions that need to be answered and we will decide in the near future what steps to take next.”

More to follow.

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