Dogs taken ill at St Andrew’s Park in Hornchurch.


Four dogs were taken ill after being walked at St Andrew’s Park in Hornchurch. The incidents took place on Monday and began with a golden retriever collapsing after licking something believed to be toxic.

Christina, who owns Cooper the five-month-old golden retriever, told the Havering Daily: “I was walking Cooper towards the far end of the park near one of the benches when I saw him lick something. I ran over to see what it was he had licked and couldn’t see anything, then within minutes, he started being sick.

The bench at St Andrew’s park.

“I started to walk him out of the park but he kept being sick. Then as we got out of the park he collapsed on the pavement. A lady came out with a bowl of water and I then phoned a friend to come and collect me and rushed Cooper to the vet.”

The vet informed Christina that her dog had either licked or ingested something toxic and that that there had been numerous cases of this in the borough of late.

Three other dogs were also taken ill on Monday after being walked in St Andrew’s park.

Some locals near the park are saying that many teenagers are using the park to smoke drugs and leave their residue on the floor which is very dangerous to animals.

Others are concerned about reports of possible fox poisoning in the area.

Police have been informed and attended the park yesterday but could not find anything in the area.

Please let us know if this has happened to your dog.

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