‘Basically it’s like a prison, my children live in cramped conditions with no play areas.’

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A mother of three from Romford is living in nightmare conditions trying to raise three children under the age of 10 years old.

The mum who did not wish to be named, lives in the middle of Romford in a small, two bedroom flat with only two windows.

During the lockdown period, the mum of three faced horrendous conditions trying to cope with her three children the youngest of whom has non verbal autism.

She told the Havering Daily: “I have three children who are aged 9, 7 and 4 years old. As my youngest has autism it has been so hard for me to keep him locked in this tiny flat with out being able to go outside.

“The flat is extremely small around 10/12 metres in length and we are in five. Two of my children sleep small in one room and my youngest sleeps in the same room with me. We only have one wardrobe between all of us and the rest of our belongings are kept in bin liners.”

The mother of three works part time and relies on her mother and partner to look after her children so cannot afford to be moved out of Havering. She is also undergoing tests to see if she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and struggles with the stairs to get to her apartment.

“There are five flights of stairs I have to climb to get to my apartment and the lift is normally out of service so I have to carry all my shopping up by hand and I’m struggling to manage this everyday.”

The mum has to use the stairs at least three times a day plus managing her three children and shopping.

“Basically it’s like a prison. My children have nowhere to play. A few years ago a man came up to my patio doors and tried to lure my daughter out. I had to call the police. There is no privacy and this area has a lot of problems.

“I am now on anti-depressants after living in these conditions for so many years. My children are living in cramped conditions and have no play areas.

“We really need to move. If I rent privately I then cannot afford to live and I am insecure of private renting as I always fear the landlord will throw myself and my family out and that we will then be homeless.”

The mother of three is now hoping a letter from her doctor can get her rehoused to a more suitable accommodation.

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