Police officers stop vehicle with drugs that leads them to a cannabis factory.

Good work by licensing officers in Harold Hill on Monday 18th of May. The two officers were on routine patrol when their attention was drawn to a silver Mercedes. The vehicle was registered and insured to an address in Wembley, the driver appeared to be taking side roads in order to avoid police. Due to this, the vehicle was pulled over on Dunstable Close, Harold Hill.

The male driver informed officers that he had borrowed the vehicle from a friend and that he only had an Albanian drivers licence and was not insured to drive the vehicle. As he got out of the vehicle the front seat passenger appeared to be very nervous. When spoken to it was clear that he could not speak English and the driver had to interpret for him. At this point, officers could smell cannabis coming from the vehicle and the males so both were detained for the purpose of a search under Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act, they were informed that they and the vehicle would be searched.

On searching the vehicle, a large quantity of drugs and cash was found within the boot of the vehicle, along with a gas bill for another address. A key was found to the gas bill address and as a result a search was later conducted whereby a cannabis factory was found with approximately 500 plants.

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