Meet Havering’s best junior chef who is feeding his neighbours.

The Havering Daily is proud to introduce the best chef in the borough! Meet nine-year-old Joshua Puncheon from Harold Wood, whose dream is to be on the adult masterchef competition, and with his amazing skills he is sure to win it.

Joshua has been cooking since the lockdown started and has been delivering food to neighbours and those in need.

Monica, Joshua’s mum told the Havering Daily: “Joshua struggled when this lockdown started. He struggled to sit down and do his homework so I thought that baking could be a good way to help keep him occupied as he loves cooking.

Monica who is from Italy has taught Joshua from a young age how to cook all different types of meals.

He has always been into cooking, both his sister and himself know their way around a kitchen and really enjoy making meals.

My mother in Naples also teaches him her recipes when he visits Italy so he really has grown up cooking.”

Monica is a teaching assistant at Harold Wood Primary School where Joshua attends and whilst she has been at home her and Joshua make a different meal a day which they share with the local community.

Joshua told the Havering Daily: “I love cooking and it would be fun to be a chef when I’m older. I really want to go on the adult master chef competition.

My favourite food to make is tagliatelle and bread and it is nice to share it with people here.”

The Havering Daily was so impressed with Joshua and his amazing cooking skills that as from Monday next week we will be starting a new section called ‘Joshua’s daily recipe.‘ This will feature a recipe a day from Joshua and the brilliant results he has achieved. The food is for all including non-meat eaters so please log in and see our first recipe on Monday 4th of May.

One thought on “Meet Havering’s best junior chef who is feeding his neighbours.

  • 1st May 2020 at 11:01 am

    Fantastic. I look forward to Joshuas recipes every day. He is definitely our young master chef. Thanks Joshua


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