Harold Wood Primary school putting a smile on people’s faces.

Harold Wood Primary school launched an initiative called ‘A Hundred Happy Days’ to help their children get through the lockdown period.

The initiative was launched initially to keep the children busy getting them to do colourful drawings and even making two rock gardens in the nearby park. However, the scheme has taken off so well that now they are raising money for charity and even helping the local food bank.

School governor and chair of the PTA Michelle Gubbins told the Havering Daily:We started with the aim to keep the children busy, then the two rock gardens became bigger and bigger and the children loved it.”

The scheme has done so well that they are now collecting food for the nearby foodbank and this week they are even raising money for Saint Francis Hospice.

Michelle continued:”Last week we collected food parcels from 180 houses. This is helping put a smile on people’s faces during these challenging times.

The children have also been doing drawings for staff at the Hospital to cheer them up and for local care homes. Bringing joy into people’s lives.”

The scheme has been running since the lock down period began and has now become a central part of the local community.

This week the school is raising money for the local charity Saint Francis Hospice.

Well done all! You are Havering Heroes!

The school’s foodbank donations.

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