Everyone Can Help.

Councillor Graham Williamson from South Hornchurch writes in the Havering Daily.

There are many residents who are socially isolating due to they or their family’s ‘vulnerability’ whilst others are simply staying at home. Many however still want to help the country and their neighbours get through this crisis. 

Whilst some are unable to travel physically to help, the Havering Volunteer Centre (HVC) is now offering a ‘Befriending’ scheme where volunteers can remain at home and still help!

Alone but not forgotten

There are many vulnerable citizens who live alone, isolated and anxious for their and their countries health. Many would welcome a phone call just to say hello, listen to their thoughts and concerns. I have joined and I know it helps! Any problems of course can be passed onto the HVC.

Councillor Gillian Ford Chair of Havering’s Residents Association also said “As a volunteer through Havering’s Volunteer Centre, I have had the pleasure to befriend a gentleman in his 90’s. It is amazing how time passes in conversation. We have a laugh and we also discuss topics of mutual understanding and experience.”
She added “I have the luxury of living with family members but there are so many that live alone with no contact with others other than a telephone call during the lockdown. It is an absolute pleasure to spare some time in chatting to somebody that I have never met, to give them a voice and a listening ear. I would truly recommend it.”

If you would like to brighten up some people’s lives why not join Havering’s growing volunteer army by e-mailing: 

volunteering@haveringvc.org.uk (http://www.haveringvc.org.uk/. 

Keep safe and follow Government guidelines. Speak soon!

Cllr Graham Williamson is a Havering Resident Association Councillor for South Hornchurch

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