A poem for lockdown.


It’s a nice day for a picnic. Perfect day to go explore.
But we’re hiding from the Virus, we can’t do that anymore.
As I look out of my window I see flowers bloom outside.
But we can’t go to the park, for in our houses we must hide.
The birds are singing in the trees, the sky is calm and blue.
With no traffic noise distracting us, I watch the birds with you.

This lockdown won’t last forever, your school gates soon will open wide.
We will all go rushing out, so grateful to be back outside.
We’ll no longer take for granted having freedom! Having shops!
Feeling safe outside again. You’ll see your Nanna, and your Pops.
I think we always will remember these months when we had to hide,
And I hope we won’t forget how much we missed our life outside.

Pictures by Charlie Keeble.

May we still listen to the birds and marvel at their peaceful sound.
I hope we joyfully pack hampers, lay a blanket on the ground.
I hope we smile at one another as we queue to buy a drink,
Joined in moments of shared happiness from the months that made us think.
So while we sit and wait for better days, please throw your curtains wide,
Watch nature bloom and wait for us to find our way outside.

By Laura Dorrington.

Check out Laura’s facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/poetrybylaura/

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