Andrew Rosindell MP promotes sanctions against senior Hong Kong officials


Andrew Rosindell MP has joined a cross-party group of MPs who wish to see senior figures in the government of Hong Kong and its police force responsible for human rights violations, individually face tough, Magnitsky-style sanctions.

The MPs have backed a new Commons Motion which highlights “the ongoing breaches by China and its controlled regime in Hong Kong of basic principles of human rights” and calls upon the Secretary of State to begin identifying those responsible for human rights abuses in Hong Kong against which sanctions should be imposed. 

During their election campaign, the Conservatives committed to imposing Magnitsky-style sanctions and expanding the powers they hold to impose penalties on individuals for gross human rights abuses. Many campaigners and politicians have argued that senior officials within the Hong Kong Police Force as well as the wider Administration warrant such sanctions as a symbol of the UK’s commitment to supporting Hong Kong and as a clear warning to the Hong Kong authorities. Through the publication of this EDM, the MPs are declaring that now is the time for such sanctions to be developed and ultimately, imposed. 

Andrew Rosindell MP states: “I believe that the United Kingdom must send a clear message that we will not accept or allow these Human Rights violations to go unnoticed or unpunished. The people of Hong Kong deserve justice and freedom and we in the U.K. must stand up for those on the side of democracy, as we have throughout history.

This Cross-Party Group displays wide support across our political parties and country for the people of Hong Kong. I know that my constituents in Romford feel passionately about the way our friends in Hong Kong have been treated and we in Romford stand with them in their fight for justice, freedom, and democracy.

Many campaigners have fiercely promoted the sanctioning of those responsible for human rights abuses in Hong Kong. John Song, a spokesperson for grassroots organisation ‘Stand with Hong Kong’ comments: “The Hong Kong Police Force and wider Administration cannot routinely abuse basic human rights laws without repercussions. The actions of this cross-party group of MPs gives Hong Kong hope.

It proves that the UK parliament remains fully committed to speaking up for Hong Kong despite the worldwide pandemic. We call on the UK government to take note, keep election promises to impose sanctions and actively to sanction those responsible for breaches of the Joint Declaration it signed granting Hong Kong its independence”.

2 thoughts on “Andrew Rosindell MP promotes sanctions against senior Hong Kong officials

  • 23rd April 2020 at 7:08 am

    Because, unlike perhaps other major countries in the English-speaking world, there is a very real potential, if not prospect that, once introduced, they could one-day be selectively applied (in effect, abused) by a future Government of a different colour to target key individual members of government of certain selected countries (but not others, e.g. Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh) e.g. Israel, or India, or even say the United States of America, or perhaps even Japan (perhaps for no other reason other than the mere fact that Japan has the death penalty on the Japanese criminal code).

    For this reason, anything entitled “Magnitsky” should be rigorously opposed, for reasons of domestic UK political considerations.

    A typical Hong Kong Chinese person tends to love all things gambling, and probably sees having sympathetic ears in both Capitol Hill and the Palace of Westminster as merely extra cards to play with, in this ongoing 50-year high-stakes political gamble with China over the future of Hong Kong… how Hong Kong is run. In any game of chance however, there are usually rules; and perhaps China sees that certain ‘moves’ inherently constitute cheating, and now demands the whole game be essentially called off as a result. Maybe that is the truth of it all.

    • 23rd April 2020 at 7:26 am

      “Tunisian Victory” (1944), it is said that “Educated in the school for power, they were quick to recognize [sic] superior power; and when they did, they quit, quit cold.”

      Perhaps during the 150-odd-years of British colonial administration of Hong Kong (perhaps the last 57-60-odd years more of a ‘caretaking’ role preparatory to an eventual restoration (return; handover) to China (under whichever flag)), the local population was never sufficiently instilled any sort of a proper notion in terms of Political Science… certainly never in terms of Realpolitik, it would seem.


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