‘We work really hard all our lives to buy our stuff and it gets taken away by someone who can’t be bothered to work.’

A callous thief has stolen a car that contained a drum kit that had taken years to put together and cost thousands of pounds.

Saturday evening Dennis had finished a gig in Clacton playing with his band Doctor Zero and the Hotheads and drove home back to Elm Park. As he pulled up on his drive he was desperate to use the toilet and popped inside quickly before unpacking his drum kit.

It was at this point that the thief took the opportunity to enter his Ford Kuga and start reversing it off his drive.

Dennis ran out of his house and jumped in the passenger seat as the thief was reversing out. He had one foot dragging out along the pavement desperately attempting to stop his car from being stolen.

Sadly the thief sped off throwing Dennis out of his car causing Dennis to tumble and bounce along the pavement, sustaining knee injuries.

The car contained all of his drum Kit that Dennis had taken many years to build and put together and was not only worth thousands of pounds but also contained items that are irreplacable.

Dennis told the Havering Daily: “The car was not a car I particularly enjoyed driving but I needed it to put my drum kit in. The drum kit was incredibly special to me. A lot of those drums are unavailable now.

I’ve been drumming since the age of eleven years old, I’m an amateur drummer but really enjoy what I do. That drum kit was very important to me.”

Dennis is a property Manager by day and a drummer in the evenings, playing in many gigs across Essex and East London. Now he is really angry at how easily and often the ‘keyless’ cars are being targeted and taken across the borough.

There is a problem with keyless cars being stolen. The police told me that Ford Kuga’s and Fiesta’s were being targeted across the area. I know a nearby neighbour also had his Ford stolen. This is a real problem and Ford really need to do something about this.”

A neighbour’s CCTV footage show’s the moment the thief walked passed the vehicle then jumped in and drove it away leaving Dennis tumbling along the pavement.

There is a massive problem with these keyless cars and I will be talking to Ford about this. The police have done the best they can but they know my car won’t be found and there is nothing I can do about it.

I know my drum kit is just stuff, but it was very dear to me. It was very personal and had taken me years to put together. I am angry with these thieves. We work really hard all our lives to buy our stuff and it gets taken away by someone who can’t be bothered to work.

The police did do their best but sadly give up very quickly and car crime here has really increased.

I will get another car but there is no way that it will be a keyless one.”

Dennis’ drum kit is a Ludwig salesman kit that is very distinctive, please keep your eyes and ears open for anyone selling such a kit.

Dennis’ stolen drum kit.

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