The ‘when’ and ‘if’ game.


By Riyad Hacib.

What is the ‘when and if game?’ It is very simple, it relates to the self-imposing questions we all as a community ask ourselves; ‘when is the violence going to stop’, ‘if we had done it that way’, ‘when are things going to change’?

These questions on the surface seem logical with issues every day ranging from domestic to youth or elderly but, by changing the word from ‘when’ or ‘if’ to ‘how’ we now are discussing solutions to problems that we as people have faced for generations. A thousand-mile journey begins with one simple step to a better future.

Words may inspire, but actions create changes, so people in society need to start using this as a way to develop our youth and create cohesion plus, harmony even though, the popular opinion is that long- term this may be deemed as impossible for us as a society. However, it is truly impossible if we never try.

So as people instead of asking ‘when’ ask ‘how’ as even the smallest jobs such as helping the homeless or getting a product of the top shelf for someone can change the shift in a community, as less is more and through seasoned efforts, times will truly change when we leave the ‘when or if game’.

Narrative drives everything, through word of gossip, stereotypes or events yet, we absorb negative narratives around all aspects of life for example knife crime, parenthood, and social media. The reason why negativity haunts us is that our minds are like sponges, if you feed a sponge water it will contain it and so on. In direct relation to our mind if we keep feeding our community these negative narratives we will then as a collective hold these narratives just as a sponge will when holding water.

The question now becomes ‘how do we squeeze the negative narrative out of our society?’ instead of ‘when are we going to squeeze the negativity from our society?’.

If a challenge exists, so does a solution’ – Rona Mlnarik

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