Mum calls on Mayor of London to help after son stabbed with machete.


The mother of a 17 year old boy stabbed in Rainham on Friday night has spoken exclusively to the Havering Daily about the shock and horror she felt learning her son had been stabbed.

The 17 year old was hacked with a machete at 6.30pm on Lowen Road on the Orchard Village estate Friday night in an unprovoked attack.

The mother who wishes to remain unnamed told the Havering Daily:

I was in complete shock when I heard what had happened to my son. What is happening to our streets? This was 6.30pm, if it was summer time it would have been broad daylight still. I can’t believe it.”

Her son came out of hospital on Saturday after receiving forty stitches internally and externally.

I have been told a sixteen year old boy that is known to us has now been arrested.

I believe this started with a row that occurred between this 16 year old and another boy and he came looking for the other boy and found my son.

My son was hit with a machete, our streets are lawless. Teenagers going around with knives and machetes, it’s terrible.

The doctor who treated us at the London hospital told me that on average there are 38 stabbings/slashings a night in London and that so many of these incidents go unreported.

These are serious matters, our judicial system is all wrong. I’m calling on the Mayor of London and asking him why is he allowing this to go on?

We have created a generation of people who hate the wealthy and see no future for themselves. There is nobody out there telling our teenagers that they can make something of their lives. Our working class young white and black boys are totally ignored.”

The shocked mum also wanted to thank the community for rallying round to support her and her son.

The Mardyke community were amazing, I would like to thank them all for their support. They came out with towels and offered me cups of tea, they were incredible.

Thank you to the emergency services as well, both Police and ambulance crew were on the scene within minutes and the doctors at the London hospital did an amazing job.”

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