‘Our family will never get over what happened to Ricky.’

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Today Sue Hedges Ricky Hayden’s, mum writes in the Havering Daily about her life since her son’s murder and the increase in knife crime.

2019 has been a very difficult year, not as bad as 2016 when Ricky was stabbed to death but still a bad year.

However, at the beginning of the year we lost our mum/nan/nanny to cancer who was the rock of the family. We are still struggling as a family and unfortunately things will never get better, our hearts will always remain broken and the loss of Ricky and my mum I know we will never get over.

I am concerned for my two grandsons and what sort of country they will be brought up in. No prospects, no future, carnage and death on the streets. It’s frightening. I barely switch the news on as all I see is murder after murder every day and seeing families like mine going through what we have gone through just breaks my heart.

I hope next year will give us some hope in reducing knife crime but nothing has happened as yet and it has on the contrary just got worse.

I think rather than put more policing on the streets we need to abolish the justice system and get rid of the jury as it’s not good the police arresting criminals and the courts just letting them straight back out on our streets to commit the same crimes again and again.

They go to court then get cautioned or let off, it’s a waste of time and money and the problem is just escalating everyday with no solution so far.

Our family will never ever get over what happened to Ricky. Life for us is not the same anymore and never will be.

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