Ricky Hayden’s bench NOT to be removed following overwhelming support from the community.

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On Monday the Havering Daily reported the story of the possible removal of a special memorial bench dedicated to the murdered Ricky Hayden in Marks Gate, Romford.

Ricky’s heartbroken parents were distraught following the arrival of a complaint letter from the housing company London and Quadrant stating that a resident had complained and objected to Ricky’s bench being there.

Following an outpouring from the local community writing emails in support of Ricky’s family the housing company have now informed Ricky’s mum Sue Hedges, that the bench is not going anywhere.

Ricky was murdered in 2016 and since then the community and his family have been left with an unrepairable hole in their heart, as he was a much loved member of the community.

Today Sue Hedge’s Ricky’s mum writes for the Havering Daily.

Its’s over, we won!

I am so relieved that this unnecessary stress that has been put on me and my family is over. An apology from L&Q means a lot but this letter should not have been sent out in the first place.

They didn’t realise how much this bench meant to the family and the community, it has brought tears to my eyes some of the lovely worded emails that were sent.

L&Q you didn’t realise what a battle you had on your hands by sending this letter out, let’s hope a lesson has been learnt. I’ve realised how loved my son was.

I’ve had offers from councillor Margaret Mulhane and our local MP Jon Cruddas all offering me their support. Plus my good friend Kimberley Chambers who dedicated her last book to Ricky.

I’m am totally grateful to the community of Marks Gate and the surrounding communities who have helped. I now know my son will be smiling up above with his nan.

We are the Hedges/Hayden family, we would never let that bench be removed whatever the outcome. My grief, sadness and stress over this disrespectful letter that should never have been sent out has turned into a victorious moment knowing my son’s memorial will stay and never be removed.

Sue Hedges, with family and friends outside Ricky’s bench in Gibbfield Close.

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