VIDEO: Farage visit to Dagenham a huge success.

Crowds gathered on Dagenham Heathway this afternoon as they eagerly awaited the arrival of the local Brexit Party candidate Tom Bewick and his leader Nigel Farage.

On a cold and sunny afternoon local Brexit supporters gathered outside the shopping centre handing out flags, flyers and balloons with the blue Brexit slogan on.

Tom Bewick, Brexit Party

Tom Bewick is the Dagenham and Rainham candidate and the arrival of his boss on the Brexit bus today enhanced his campaign further.

Many local Brexit supporters gathered on the Heathway hill waving their Brexit banners and chatting to local Dagenham residents about why they should be supporting the Brexit party.

Support for the party seemed positive as many stopped to take leaflets and chat with other prospective candidates about why they should vote for party.

Jane, Brexit Party Supporter

Brexit supporter Jane from Collier Row told the Havering Daily:

I’m a Brexit party supporter as I don’t agree with the EU and I don’t see why we should be in a political union with the EU when we just need to trade with them.

Nigel Farage is the only person that speaks sense and he resonates with me and how I feel. I’ve seen other politicians and they just seem false and talking rubbish really”.

Mr Farage’s visit went down very with the locals, he enjoyed a plate of pie and mash where locals were very eager to have their picture taken with him and some shouting ‘you’re my hero Nigel!’

From there the Brexit leader visited the Eastbrook pub where once again the locals were delighted to have him in their pub and take endless selfies with him.

His visit to Dagenham today has proven to be a huge success as local residents welcomed him with open arms.

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