Chants of Victory heard across Harold Hill!

Chants of victory were heard across the streets of Harold Hill following the saving of Gooshays Green.

Festivities held on the green today.

Campaigners and councillors met up today on the green to open bottles of bubbly and hold festivities to celebrate the saving of their much loved green space.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White announced on Wednesday at the full council meeting, that Gooshays Green and Dovers Farm Green were not going to be developed into housing.

Councillor Jan Sargent who fought the battle with campaigners told the Havering Daily,I’m overjoyed that we have managed to save the green from redevelopment. This is a vital part of the community, a place local residents use everyday.

Gooshays green is a big part of Harold Hill and a place that is dear to most of the residents who live here. Well done to the community for the excellent result they have achieved.’

Councillor Tele Lawal was also celebrating the victory of Gooshays green and told the Havering Daily, ‘I’m just so happy that it was a community effort that ran this campaign and was able to save the green space. It was vital to keep it.

Of course no one is opposed to building new homes, but when you are planning to build homes that are for private use and none of them as council housing, for us that is not part of the community.

I’m really happy that Havering Council have decided to change their mind and give this open space back to the community and not change the beautiful environment we have here.’

Tree huggers Stephen Gowers and Councillor Jan Sargent.

Stephen Gowers from ‘Take a Knife Save a Life‘ who was at the celebration gathering on the green, told the Havering Daily, ‘This is a great victory for the people. Well done to everyone who was involved in saving this much loved green.’

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