Bogus Baliffs in Harold Hill.

Simon Ford from Havering Local Businesses has been sadden to hear of a scam being tried out on ‘Doggie Delights Dog Groomers’ in Harold Hill and is warning all local business owners to be vigilant.

Kelly from Doggie Delights experienced the call from the bogus baliffs and writes in today’s Havering Daily.

These bogus baliff got me very worried when they called me yesterday afternoon saying that were from the Northampton Magistrates County Court. They were very knowledgeable about the legal jargon and what to say, they informed me it was to do with a publication that I verbally agreed to with Drapers Academy and agreed to a 12 month advert at £199.

They then told me that the bailiffs were on there way to my business property and if I paid the outstanding money prior to their arrival there wouldn’t be any added charges and the debt would be sorted.

I then kept questioning him about the paperwork from the courts and wanted to see it first. He then replied he would email it over.

I challenged him to meet me at the property, whilst on the phone I also told him that I’m reporting this to action an fraud team. He then hung up.

The email looked genuine but the case numbers were not real. Please be vigilant if you receive any phone calls like this and do not give people any of your card details.

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