Another parking rant following the increase in parking charges and the removal of the free thirty mins.

Havering Business’ Simon Ford today writes for the Havering Daily following another angry local resident’s bad experience with the new car parking charges.

Havering Local Businesses are sad to hear of another story about Havering Council parking problems that are clearly pushing customers away from our high streets.

This week the Leader of Havering Council, Councillor White said at the opening of ‘Heart & Soul’ in Romford, ‘This is a community led project aimed at supporting businesses.’

Yet more sad stories are emerging everyday about the difficulties customers and local shops are having with the loss of the free thirty minutes and increase in parking charges, and our high streets are the ones suffering.

Local entrepreneur Chloe Camp stated on the Upminster and Cranham Facebook Page, about another parking rant!

‘I am all for supporting local business, but from today I am off to park in Sainsburys Hornchurch or Lakeside.

‘I paid £2.50 but the machine ‘ate’ 10p so it showed as only £2.40 / 1 hour. I realised this and bought another ticket for £1.50, but the machine wouldn’t let me use the same registration. So I changed the last digit from a ‘U’ to a ‘V’.

‘I have now paid £4 with 1 apparently void ticket. The parking warden obviously waited till I was just over my hour. I came back and he laughed.

‘So I have now paid £4, was back just over an hour and had 2 tickets. His suggestion was that I moved the car and parked elsewhere and paid again so that I didn’t have a void ticket. Thanks Havering – good luck shops!’

It is such a shame that the local residents and businesses are suffering in this way, With the year 2018/19 parking in Hornchurch was 2,993, this year, the same week in 2019 it was down to a mere 522 transactions.

So if you Support local businesses which are the heart of every community, please join us at our protest at Havering Town Hall this coming Wednesday from 7pm for our ‘Support Our Shops Protest’.

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