‘Not only did they use the site to camp on, but they also had the audacity to use the rear of the pub to fly tip rubbish they were collecting’.

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Rubbish left at the Pompadours pub in Harold Hill.

Councillor Jan Sargent from Gooshays ward, has been involved in the procuring of the borough wide injunction against the illegal encampments.

The injunction was obtained last week and Councillor Sargent today has written for the Havering Daily.

After years of gathering evidence Havering Council’s application to the High Court for a Borough wide injunction to stop illegal encampments anywhere in the borough was finally granted on Friday 13th, 2019.

My first real encounter with  illegal encampments was when they pitched up at the former Pompadours Public House in Harold Hill. Not only did they use the site to camp on but they also had the audacity to use the rear of the pub to fly tip rubbish they were collecting.

Residents living nearby had to suffer ever increasing mountains of rubbish being dumped there everyday. This went on for months and in fact there are still problems at the site today that I am hoping Havering council will address as soon as possible. 

When they finally left,  residents sick of looking at the mountain of rubbish actually took it upon themselves to clean up after them, only for the travellers to return soon after and do the same again. Unbelievable! 

Over the last few months residents of Harold Hill have suffered these encampments popping up in various green open spaces all over the estate. One of these illegal encampments appeared on the green opposite my home.

Illegal Encampment outside The Manor, Harold Hill.

They were there for over a week and during this time myself and nearby residents felt very extremely vulnerable. Within an instance of them pitching up, usual activity throughout the street stopped. I live opposite the Manor Nature Reserve which is usually teeming with dog walkers and families using the park. 

The Duckwood is also a local attraction for visitors to  come to look at and feed the Deer. Absolutely everything stopped while the encampment was there.We felt extremely intimidated the whole time with lots of experiences we wouldn’t want to recall and speak of.

I certainly know of quite a few residents who waited with bated breath to hear of the decision on Friday. To say that we felt a sense of relief once we had heard the decision is an understatement.

I’d like to give my special thanks to Councillor Christine Vickery, who supported myself and the residents in Harold Hill during this difficult time, ensuring that notices were served and correct procedures were in place.

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