Havering Local Businesses Upset by Parking Fiasco

Havering Local Business’ Simon Ford writes for the Havering Daily today.

Havering Local Businesses are upset to hear about the experience Mr Tait, a local resident, has undergone and sad to say that this is becoming the daily story of the parking issues in Hornchurch and Upminster.

Mr Tait experienced the frustration that I know has impacted local shops and businesses in Upminster and Hornchurch and to be honest I’m absolutely disgusted by Havering Council. So now, Mr Tait has asked if anybody from the council that does actually care if they exist, just exactly what they are up to.

Mr Tait writes as follows, ‘This morning on my way to work I needed to drive into Hornchurch to drop off some children’s books at the charity shop. I was happy to pay the £1.50 charge the new tariff, however, the machines wouldn’t take my money. I tried calling the council’s advertised phone number on the machine from 9.10am  to 9.19am  in which the phone number was  permanently engaged and unfortunately for me I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t register of the text services.  

I walked off after standing at the machine for what was close to 10 minutes’.

So Mr Tait decided to go and drop off his books as quickly as possible. It took him four minutes to go to the shop and back to his car, and guess what? To no surprise, Mr Tait had got a ticket. This couldn’t have been bad luck, instead this is predatory behaviour.

I can see how this council is going to quite literally drive business and custom away from the High Street. I won’t do it again and well done Havering Council.

I once sponsored, you not anymore,  I gave up time and worked with you to help businesses in the area,’ said Mr Tait.

What a shame, I really feel for the shop owners trying to make a living today. I bet I’m not the only one who got stung today.’

Havering Local Businesses would like your support at
Support Our Shops Protest on Wednesday 25th September
Havering Town Hall from 7pm,

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