Resident Association councillors challenge council on parking changes.


Resident’s Association Councillors have written to the Havering Daily expressing their views and serious concerns over the parking charges increase.

It comes as no surprise to Havering’s Residents Associations to see that Redbridge are offering 1 hour free parking.

RA Councillors have previously challenged the administrations motives, feasibility studies and benchmarking against other authorities. Councillor Stephanie Nunn suggests that “Redbridge’s policy just goes to show that Havering’s Administration and Leader are completely out of touch of the needs of local businesses and residents. If you look at the planning behind the Redbridge parking programme, there is in depth analysis, that provides clear evidence, that by restricting parking you reduce visitors, reduce spending, and impact on the heart of communities.”

The majority of Havering’s Resident Associations had their alternative budget rejected by the Conservative Administration with the support of the three Harold Wood Councillors.

The alternative budget would have seen the retention of the free 30 minute parking and Councillor Ray Morgan suggests that ‘You would have hoped the Leader would have realised by now how unpopular and detrimental this policy is to the residents in the borough.

He went on to say that ‘The Residents Associations will continue to place pressure on the administration and challenge this ludicrous policy, demanding an impact assessment, and if the Leader is unable to find the savings to deliver, we are happy to show him how, with an alternative budget to reintroduce the free 30 minutes.’

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