Havering Daily Special: ‘They are amazing ladies who have delivered so many babies in our community, without them we are lost’-Petition launched to save community midwives.

A group of expectant mums from Upminster and Cranham have launched a petition to try and save the Continuity Care group of midwives that are so valued and needed in the Havering community from being dispersed.

The team was launched in 2019 and are a group of midwives based in Cranham who have supported hundreds of pregnant women and families locally. Their work has been extremely vital during difficult times and they have been a much needed support for most mums to be in that area.

Beth from Cranham told the Havering Daily: “These ladies give 24 hours, seven days a week support to their patients. They meet with the pregnant women, see them for appointments, be there for the delivery of the baby and then continue the care once the baby has arrived. They know each of us individually by name and always have someone on call day or night if one of us needs help.

“I attended the hospital recently and I messaged them and they waited for me at the hospital to be there with me. They take phonecalls at 2 am and have even delivered babies in car parks! They see us throughout our pregnancy and really are a vital lifeline for us.”

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital Trust stated that the accepted ration was one midwife to 36 women, and other parts of the community one midwife looks after 150 women. The team in Cranham was introduced as a pilot project but now they have assessed their current staffing levels and to be compliant with the Ockendon recommendations they are suspending the service as from 23 May.

Chief Executive Matthew Trainer said:

‘We intend to resume our MCoC provision when we have reached safer staffing levels. Our pilot has shown it is a very worthwhile service. When we re-introduce it, we will use MCoC to tackle some of the inequalities and deprivation that exist in Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge and we will focus it on those most vulnerable and most at risk.’

Beth contiuned: “Pregnancy can be a daunting and anxiety filled experience for some, but from the moment you meet the team, you have continuous support. To see the same friendly face from your booking in appointment to delivery and postpartum is reassuring and what every pregnant woman deserves.

“Unfortunately Havering have made the terrible decision to disperse the team, claiming they need these midwives spread all over the areas despite this area still requiring these ladies. They will leave many mums to be vulnerable, anxious and with out the support they have been receiving. It also disregards the incredible work these amazing ladies have provided for years.”

If you would like to sign the petition that has already had over 2,000 signatures, please see the link below.


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