Bluelight ‘walk and talk’ support group launched for men.

A fantastic walk and talk group has been set up to help our male emergency service workers find some much needed support.

Emergency service workers face trauma on a very high scale. Our blue light members deal with the worse situations possible in our society and it is a well known and documented fact that men in particular struggle to share their feelings with others for a multitude of reasons and have a higher suicidal rate than women.

Firefighter Dean and colleague Mark saw that he and other colleagues were sometimes struggling to talk about mental health.The pair began to look into male suicide statistics and reasons men do not reach out.

Dean told the Havering Daily:

“There wasn’t much out there for men who needed support. We soon realised that not everyone has a support system around them and many struggle to find that support.

“Working in the emergency services, a lot of men have this idea that it is a sign of weakness to show that you are suffering mental health issues. There is this ‘macho’ stigma attached unfortunately.

“We began to look into ways that we could find a support network for men out their struggling. We thought about hiring a hall to hold a discussion group but felt that perhaps that could be too intimidating.

“Then we saw the idea of holding a walking club. This was be a great way to combine exercise and talk about mental health issues with other men in a comfortable setting.”

Dean and Mark now run a ‘walk and talk’ group for male members of the emergency services who can meet once a week to go for a walk in the park and share their experiences with others around them.

“I have suffered with mental health issues over the years and have spent years telling others to talk about their problems, yet I don’t do this myself.

“This walk and talk club gives men the opportunity to all meet up in a friendly setting, out in the open and have the chance to share their experiences with others equally suffering.”

The Walk and Talk group began on September 21 last year and takes place at Beckenham Place Park every Tuesday at 10.30 am.

This is an amazing support group that provides our bluelight male workers with the chance to share their problems and receive some much needed support.

Well done Dean and Mark.

All emergency service males are welcome to join in, for more information please email

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