Back Our Bobbies: Hero cop struck with sword in the line of duty.

Violent male attacks police officer with four foot sword in Dagenham after a domestic incident.

As we prepare ourselves to go to work this morning, we do not envisage the thought that during our day’s shift we are going to be violently attacked with a sword. Yet, this is exactly what happened to PC Aksit Ekrem in November 2020.

Everyday across London 19 police officers are attacked, 47% of which require hospitalisation. A truly shocking number when you think about it. Imagine 19 members of your office injured, assaulted, and attacked each day for doing their job. Which ever way you look at these facts, they are not right. Bottom line, no police officer goes to work to be assaulted and those that do indeed assault police officers are the lowest of the low.

PC Ekrem was on the Response Team in Dagenham when the call came for he and his partner to attend a domestic incident on Lodge Avenue. A woman had reported a male in his 60’s behaving violently in the property.

PC Ekrem spoke to the Havering Daily about the shocking moment he was struck with a sword.

“When we got to the property, the woman who had made the call was outside waiting for us and glad that we had arrived. She asked us to enter and we began speaking to other members of the household.

“Her partner told us that he had been punched in the face by his father and was fed up with his behaviour. His mother clearly seemed intoxicated and was not happy to have us in the property. We as police officers, have a duty of care and had to check that there was no one injured at the address.

“When I entered the front room there was what appeared to be a frail old man sitting on the chair. He spoke to me and I informed him that he had assaulted a man and would be coming with us. It was at that point that he reached behind him and grabbed a sword and with both hands held it over my head to strike me.

“Luckily I am taser trained so my training kicked in and I went to taser him but as he was moving, the shot missed. At that point he struck me with the sword, it hit my hand as I had swerved and I really thought I was going to die.

“I didn’t realise my hand was badly hit and I somehow managed to get him on the ground and arrest him one handed. He then filled his throat up with phlegm and tried to spit all over me, so my partner and I managed to move his head to one side to stop him from spitting.”

PC Ekrem’s colleagues then arrived at the Dagenham address to give support to both officers.

“I really thought I was going to die when he held that sword over my head, but luckily my training kicked in and saved me.”
The officer was then rushed to hospital where he required surgery. He had metal pins put into his hand and was off work for six months as he could not use his hand.

“I was very thankful not to be dead. I received counselling after this incident and fortunately I did not suffer too many mental health issues as a result. At night it was always the hardest, as your mind replays the incident and stops you from sleeping.

The 62 year old male was charged with GBH with intent and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

“After six months off from work I was looking forward to going back and now I am a Neighbourhood officer in Redbridge.”

PC Ekrem is a hero who managed to stop a violent man putting his own life in danger. This is just one story amongst many that police officers across London face each day.

Let us remember this, these officers risk their lives everyday, unaware of what dangers they may face to save us, the London public. Perhaps we should all remember that the next time we chose to knock front line officers for their work.

Well done PC Ekrem, you are a community hero.

The shocking incident PC Ekrem was attacked with a four foot sword.

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