Tapestry launches campaign to retain vital food delivery service.

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For vulnerable people access to good food is vital and is needed for good mental and physical health and wellbeing.

During the pandemic, in response to urgent need, Tapestry established a food delivery service providing hot, healthy, freshly produced meals to vulnerable people locked down with no access to food.

Since establishing the service over 28,000 meals have been delivered to vulnerable people in the community. 

The funding was initially subsidized, during the lockdowns, by the support of the National Lottery and Barclays Bank.

In recent months to ensure the service has continued Tapestry have subsidised it themselves.

Tapestry is a social business, and individuals are charged an affordable fee of just £8.50 for delivery, to their door, of a 2-course, hot, healthy meal freshly made by Tapestry’s food team.

The service is at risk unless it can secure more customers.

Tony Lowe CEO of Havering said:

“We are a charity and a social business, so for us to keep the service going the solution is simple, we just need more people to use it. It really is a ‘use it or lose it’ situation.

We know there are many more people who need, and would benefit from the service, we just need to make people aware it’s here for them.

We are asking the people of Havering to help us keep the service and help more people by simply spreading the word.”

Tapestry provide an excellent service in our community.

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