Thousands to lose their job at Queen’s hospital following mandatory vaccination programme.


Unless a government u turn on their mandatory vaccination programme, 1300 members of staff at Queen’s hospital will be sacked.

It is estimated that up to 70,000 hospital staff across the country will soon face the sack following the government’s mandatory vaccination programme. Now, with this high number, it is possible that the government will perform another of their infamous u turns and reconsider their decision.

A peaceful protest was held outside of the Romford hospital on Friday morning by staff who are furious at the mandatory vaccination scheme and will soon be losing their job. The group of protesters chanted ‘My body my choice’, comparing this programme to a dictatorship by the government.

The group consisted of admin staff, to nurses and physiotherapists and many other roles right across the hospital. With staff shortages rife across many hospitals and the ongoing pandemic issue, the last thing any hospital needs is the loss of further staff.

The clear message here was ‘it is our body, we have the right to chose.’

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3 thoughts on “Thousands to lose their job at Queen’s hospital following mandatory vaccination programme.

  • 22nd January 2022 at 3:15 pm

    Right to choose yes, but you have to accept the consequences of your choice.

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  • 23rd January 2022 at 11:54 am

    Dear Havering Daily and readers,

    BHRUT Chairman Matthew Trainer has raised concerns about the mandates, but so far the Health Secretary isn’t listening, albeit his encounter with Dr Steve James may have helped as the Health Secretary can no longer plead ignorance about the harmful impact of government policy.

    However it’s a mistake to believe the BHRUT must apply the mandates as under UK and International law its illegal to force people to take part in medical experiments, often referred to as the Nuremburg Codes and following the Nuremburg trials its no longer a legal defence to say “only following orders” when facilitating a crime against humanity.

    And the ‘vaccines’ are experimental as they haven’t been licensed as safe but only given emergency authorisation in response to a declared pandemic claiming the benefits outweigh the risks.

    But an emergency authorisation is only legal in the absence of safe alternatives, which have always been available, such as IVERMECTIN and so emergency ‘vaccines’ can’t be administered once the emergency is over, which of course it is, again, helped by infectious but mild OMICRON which provides natural vaccination and immunity. And its perverse to impose a “Covid-19” jab when the virus has mutated into “Covid-22”!

    Also there is the question of liability for adverse reactions which are not being investigated by the MHRA despite their statutory duty to do so.

    As of 23/12/21 voluntary yellow card reporting shows 1,382,825 adverse reaction and 1,913 deaths following the jab and these figures can be multiplied depending on % reporting. And the “roll-out” for children and babies is sinister AND

    The government have awarded Big Pharma and donors £multi-billion contracts and indemnified them against adverse reaction claims (no doubt this will face a legal challenge), but this doesn’t remove liability from everyone else too and sacking someone for refusing to take experimental medication is illegal and will also face legal challenges as contrary to human rights and employment law and Hippocratic Oath, particularly without Informed Consent and employers accepting liability for any adverse reactions.

    I do not envy the BHRUT Chairman for having to face these legal and ethical questions without political support from those who profess to support the NHS, but perhaps they’ll find their voice now the Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Midwives are objecting to the mandates.

    The ruling Havering Administration voted in favour of mandates and most of the opposition only abstained, but the BHRUT Chairman has recently upped-the-ante to get the message across to councillors and MPs before April deadline to ensure the blame lies where it belongs, with politicians who must accept responsibility for policy decisions wrecking the NHS and be held to account at elections.

    I appreciate the 24/7 fear porn from Ministry of Truth can be intimidating, but an effective antidote is to switch it off and abolish the licence fee.

    For further information

    Cllr David Durant
    Member LB Havering Health committee


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