‘Zero tolerance approach now, we are not going to be beaten by these bullies’-Community hits back at mindless vandals.

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Anger from community as thugs push over display train with flowers in it.

Members of the Rainham community are furious at mindless thugs who pushed over a flower stand outside of Tesco last Saturday 15 January.

Sue Ospreay, who set up the display in the summer last year for the London in Bloom competition, was shopping in Tesco when she was informed of what had happened.

Sue told the Havering Daily:

“This happened in broad daylight, thugs came along and pushed over our display train. I was inside shopping when it happened and luckily a member of the public reported it and I came out straight away.”

Sue and Jackie McArdle are two amazing community champions in Rainham who are always doing the best that they can to improve the area and make Rainham a nice place for people to live in. Yet, thugs like these are determined to do their best to ruin it. Now, Sue has had enough.

She added:

“No more nice guy now, I am really angry. Jackie and I are taking a zero tolerance approach and want to take our streets back from these thugs.

“There are many of us here who respect our community and want to put Rainham on the map. We are not going to be beaten by these bullies.”

Sue outside of Tesco with the flower display.

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