Video: Shocking knife fight breaks out on Romford street.

Man holding large knife approaches a crowd of people as gang fight breaks out last night.

Residents living on the former Oldchurch hospital site were shocked to see a large knife fight break out yesterday, Wednesday 29 of December just before 9pm.

Video footage obtained by the Havering Daily shows a large gang of youths brazenly fighting on the street in front of passers by. The incident occurred on Wideford Drive at 8:45 pm.

A spokesperson for the Met Police told the Havering Daily:

“Police were called at 20:45hrs on Wednesday, 29 December to reports of a large group fighting on Wideford Drive, Romford.

Officers attended and dispersed the group. Officers remained in the area to prevent further incidents.

Officers carried out a thorough search of the location and surrounding areas and could find nobody with any injuries.

Investigations into the circumstances continue.

No arrests.”

A man with a large knife seen approaching the crowd of people

Residents looked on in horror as a man with a large knife is seen walking towards a crowd of people.

A Group of people run away in fear after a fight starts
Footage of the fight.

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People in Havering could be eligible for a special grant to make their homes warmer, greener and more fuel-efficient this winter. The Green Homes Grant is a new government fund aimed at helping households make vital home improvements, helping to lower carbon emissions, keep homes warm, and most importantly, save on rising fuel costs. The

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  • 30th December 2021 at 12:42 pm

    What on earth happening to London 😢


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