‘Nearly 3,000 people died the week the Tories partied’.

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Today, Vice Chair of Romford Labour Angelina Leatherbarrow writes in the Havering Daily on the party that took place at Downing Street whilst the country was under strict restrictions that specifically stated no Christmas parties.

The week ending the 18th of December 2020 2,986 people lost their lives to covid19.

 2,986 deaths whilst the Tories partied at Downing Street. They don’t want us to talk about last year and have said that it will be investigated – by someone who was allegedly at the party! But this year those deaths will be just as real and painful as they were in 2020. Families who won’t get to buy Christmas presents for their lost loved ones, won’t have them at their table for Christmas dinner or even be able to pick up the phone to say “I love you”.

The week ending December 18th 2020, our doctors, nurses, hospital workers and paramedics were on their knees under the pressure of the virus. They couldn’t relieve this pressure with a Christmas ‘gathering’ because they were working unrelentingly long hours to save as many lives as possible… oh and they were banned under Covid rules. 

More than 150 nurses died of Covid in 2020. But Boris and his gang didn’t let that get in the way of a Christmas knees up.  

Whether you are angry about it or not – and you really should be! There is no getting away from the fact that this Government have completely undermined the public health messaging on Covid19. How can they tell us to follow guidance when they don’t? How can Johnson go on TV and tell us to ‘pull together’ and make sacrifices when he will not.  

As more and more leaks of parties, quizzes and who knows what else are appearing in the press.  We may not know what Tories define as a party (cheese and wine? party poppers? Secret Santa?  Binbags over the CCTV…) but what we do know is that they are laughing at the rest us. 

It’s time we turned the joke back on this shambles of a government. Not by breaking public health guidance – because ultimately that hurts us, not him, but by letting them know that their culture of rule breaking, sleaze and corruption won’t be tolerated any longer.  

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