Disabled lady thrown into the road after wheelchair hits tree roots.

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A 24 year old disabled lady from Elm Park was thrown into the road after her electric wheelchair hit a tree root that was protruding through the pavement.

The incident occurred last Sunday 28 of November on Eyhurst Avenue and fortunately Natalie was with her mother when she was thrown in the road.

Local councillors Stephanie Nunn and Barry Mugglestone were also on scene and were able to help out.

Councillor Nunn told the Havering Daily:

“Councillor Mugglestone and I pulled up in the Assembly Hall car park at 11 am, wondered what was going on and went to see if we could help. We explained who we were and Maria advised us that she had been waiting an hour for an ambulance. We knew that Ian Norris a Head Nurse from Queen’s Hospital attends St Nicholas Church, so Cllr Mugglestone went to get him.

“Ian came and took the lead medically with Natalie and also phoned for the ambulance describing Natalie’s condition.”

The ambulance did arrive with three medics who were very able to bring Natalie to hospital just after 12 noon.

Councillor Nunn added:

“The two things I want to highlight here are Natalie lying in the road for nearly two hours waiting for an ambulance and the danger these tree roots are to residents.

“Two weeks ago another resident fell in Woburn Avenue and got two black eyes, cuts and bruises and a fractured finger. Unfortunately when I asked for that tree to be dealt with I was told no action needed to be taken. Of course I disagreed with this and asked them to take another look. There are many of these roots poking through the pavements and they are a trip hazard to all.”

Natalie on the floor whilst waiting for an ambulance.
The wheelchair near the tree root that threw Natalie on the ground.
Ambulance crew arrive.
Natalie is taken to hospital.

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