Minster Way traffic scheme scrapped.

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In June this year new traffic measures were placed on Minster Road in Hornchurch. The new restrictions came following a series of accidents on the Hornchurch road near the college, that saw cars crashing into local houses and gardens.

The traffic measures introduced meant no right turn from Minster Way onto Wingletye Lane or straight over to Maywin Drive and no left turn from Wingletye Lane on to Minster Way.

Local councillors for the St Andrews ward had been working closely with residents living on Minster way to try and stop the congestion flow as the road is frequently used as a cut through and more importantly to stop the road collisions taking place.

However, the new measures have proven to be extremely unpopular and residents living near Minster Way have voiced their anger and frustrations and the knock on traffic problems it has caused as a result.

A petition was launched in September with over 700 hundred people signing it to have the new traffic scheme scrapped.

At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday 16th of November the measures were finally scrapped.

The report states:

“This executive decision authorises the discontinuance of the experimental traffic measures in Minster Way and Wingletye Lane with immediate effect. This decision follows consideration of the effectiveness of the experimental scheme and representations received during the course of the statutory objection period.

Authority is given for the commencement of further consultation on alternative measures to deal with traffic safety concerns in the area Minster Way and Wingletye Lane.”

The report following the scrapping of the new traffic measures on Minster Way.

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