‘Once again they looked after the wealthiest in the country’.

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Head of Romford Labour Angelina Leatherbarrow today writes in the Havering Daily on the latest budget.

Watching the Chancellor present his budget yesterday and watching his Tory pals cheer…………

Once again they looked after the wealthiest people in the country whilst expecting the poorest and most vulnerable to absorb the worst burdens. 

Slashing tax on domestic flights and champagne whilst not addressing the gross inequality is absolutely shameful and no one can ever again say that the Conservatives are a party for the working class people of this country.

They presented a £4 billion tax cut to bankers, which is no surprise given Rishi Sunak – the richest man to ever sit as an MP, married to a woman richer than the Queen – was a hedge fund manager  that cashed in on the 2008 global crash. 

Being in the UK under this government is to be gaslighted on a daily basis. They have spent over a decade stripping services and funds from every aspect of public services that families depend on, then they throw some crumbs at us and expect us to be grateful. 

They are putting £500 million to ‘Family Hubs’ but Sure Start services have been cut by £1billion under the Tories.

They are lifting the Universal Credit taper to the tune of £2billion but the removal of the UC uplift that many families have relied on to keep their heads above water is worth £6billion. 

And let’s face it, this, the increase in minimum wage or changes to tax brackets won’t put a dent in to the rising cost of living, inflation going up sending food prices soaring. Still, at least we can all have champagne for breakfast. 

What he didn’t shout about at the podium yesterday was the Council Tax bombshell hidden in the small print. £6 billion over the next three years, over £400 per household baked into his budget that will cripple the poorest families even more. Wonder why he never mentioned that. 

As shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves put it yesterday- ‘Never has a Chancellor asked British People to pay so much for so little.’

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