Great community work as Tesco step in to help dementia charity Tapestry UK.

Tapestry UK, a Hornchurch based charity that helps the elderly across the borough who are vulnerable and suffer with dementia have sadly been affected by the current fuel crisis that is gripping the country. The charity does fantastic work across the community not only collecting the elderly and bringing them to their centre everyday but also delivering them hot meals on a daily basis.

Without their support, many residents across east London would not see anyone or be able to eat a hot meal once a day.

On Friday 24 of September the team were able to fill up three out of their four minibuses, however by Wednesday their fuel will have run out.

CEO Tony Lowe told the Havering Daily:

“We use the minibuses everyday not only to collect residents and bring them to our centre but also to deliver hot meals across the borough. We only have enough fuel until Wednesday then we don’t know what to do.

“We can’t really spend hours queuing as we have to look after our residents and don’t have the time to sit in a queue to fill up.”

Tapestry reached out to us at the Havering Daily and we were able to help find a solution to this.

The Havering Daily contacted Rainham community champion Sue Ospreay who works for Tesco and she was able to put us through to the Tesco store manager Angela Evans who stepped up to the mark and immediately helped out.

Angela told Tapestry drivers to come along to their petrol filling station and make their way to the top of the queue so they can get their minibuses fuelled without waiting.

A huge thank you to Angela for being a community hero and helping this very important charity be able to carry on with the amazing work they do in our community everyday.

Tony Lowe added:

“Thank you to Angela and the staff at Tesco for doing this for us and the Havering Daily for their help.”

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